Classic Tall Ugugg boots australiag Boots

Available in all colours and s even big s.

We started like so many businesses; with a passion and an idea. Initially retailers of this authentically Australian product, we sourced boots from a number of local manucturers. And then things changed, as they always do. Suppliers began to cut corners, reduce their selection or move production overseas in the interests of cutting costs.This meant the quality and variety wasnt consistent and sometimes just not good enough to meet our exacting standards …More

Made from double ced sheepskin; inidually handpicked.

Choose from the latest colours and s, as well as classic vourites.

Sole Lightweight EVA Ethylenevinyl acetate

Dare to try something different? Go ahead and express yourself with your vourite colour!

Our Classic Tall Ugg Boots are one of our tallest boots and stand at approximately cm from ground up. The more the , the more the warmth as they sit just under the knee. These ugg boots are one of our best sellers, and can be folded over to create a large amount of fleece spillage. They can be worn as casual boots or more of a smart dressed attire. They are quite versatile, in that they can be worn underneath pants or tucked in. They are very easy to put on simply by sliding your feet in and pulling up just like a pair of socks.

Are taller and will provide warmth up to just under your knees

Can be folded down to create sheepskin spillage and converted to a short boot